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The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a series of laws, adopted in all fifty states, which governs sales, leases, storage, transport, and secured financing of goods. In addition, the UCC is the governing law for checks, promissory notes, customer/bank relations, electronic funds transfers and letters of credit. Those who understand the basics of the UCC have a tremendous advantage in business and everyday consumer transactions.

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I am The Codemaster and I am here to make mastering the UCC a breeze by breaking down complex lAWS into digestable easy-to-understand concepts

Stephen Seller here! Business owner by day, UCC learner by night with a knack for finding myself in the most hilarious predicaments.

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Our unique UCC Learning Systems approach simplifies complex legal concepts, making them accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or a law student, UCC Learning offers dynamic courses, innovative tools, and a supportive community to help you master the UCC with ease and confidence.

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The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy book by famed Law Professor Robert M LeVine, JD marks the first time in the history of legal education that a short story novel has been used as a vehicle for delivering the content of a substantive body of law; in this case, The Uniform Commercial Code - law in all fifty states.

The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy brilliantly (and humorously) places the application of these laws in concrete and interesting commercial settings, where they come to life.

If you are in business, the Uniform Commercial Code directly, impacts your business hundreds, perhaps thousands of times per day. Virtually every phase of a transaction in goods, from sale or lease through financing, is impacted by the laws of the UCC. Of particular significance are those provisions which can literally save a business from going under. These potential landmines need to be identified before they are stepped on. The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy accomplishes this important task.

No other book does this, especially using this unique approach. It's not just for business owners, every-day consumers should also understand the basic laws that surround and govern their purchases, leases and financing of goods. Today it is critical that all banking customers understand the rules upon which the banks must follow. Too often, customers find themselves ignorant to their own rights and this ignorance can be financially devastating. Understanding how to protect your rights in these transactions is both empowering and essential.

For the first time ever, these secrets are made available to you.

Reviews and testimonials

"Great Read! Who would of thought the UCC could be made both interesting and compelling? LeVine did it!"

This book actually does what law schools fail to do - it provides students and practitioners with a clinical, contextually-rich and real-life commercial scenarios that demonstrate the logical and practical underpinnings behind UCC transactions in both an interesting and entertaining fashion.

Whether you are a law student or commercial practitioner you will get a ton of insight from this read. Highly recommend this book for both types of readers.

-Henry D

"To make a complex matter simple takes great insight"

To make a complex matter simple takes great insight, not only into the subject matter, but also into how people learn. The author takes the reader/student on a whirlwind tour touching each major section of the UCC. He weaves the technical into the practical with a story that anyone with an interest or need in the subject will grasp. If you read this first, you will have a conceptual understanding to build on.

-Mr. Bill

"The title fits the book. Mr. LeVine demystifies the UCC Code"

As a Florida paralegal with over fifteen years of experience, I found this book to be both educational and practical. Mr. LeVine has written a book which explains the various provisions of the UCC in a humorous way through application of fact situations. This book cuts through the "legalese" to explain the Code in a simple and straightforward manner. I highly recommend this book for paralegals, attorneys, business owners, or anyone who conducts business transactions in today's complex world.

-Susan Rohe

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